Dear Buyers,
The topic of food safety is a major concern for Saticoy Berry Farms, Inc. Because of this concern, several fresh produce buyers are requiring their suppliers to develop safe production manuals, to conduct self audits to determine risk for microbial contamination, and to have an independent third part audit to verify compliance with good agricultural practices.

Our goal is to minimize microbial food safety hazards for fresh fruits. The users expect their fresh produce suppliers to comply with these requirements by April 30, 2000.

The buyers are requiring Saticoy Berry Farms, Inc. to post results of the self audit on a Website for review. The self audits will cover seven main areas:

The self audit questions are ranked by importance and designed to document current practices and raise the level of awareness regarding issues relating to safe food production practices. Each self audit question is assigned a value, which is based on a category of risk for microbial contamination. Self audit results will be given a percentage score.